With all the winter we have been having and with our big storm week in January we wanted to write an article to help you to check if classes are running.

Snow Path by Evgeni Dinev on freedigitalphotos.net






photo of Snow Path by Evgeni Dinev on freedigitalphotos.net

Ways to check if classes are running:

1. Register Online – we call registered students as soon as we know that we need to cancel a class, then we send an email to everyone as well, (in case you are not near your phone).

If you have not registered online you can still go to Registration Online to see if the class is still on the schedule. If the class is not showing up on our schedulicity program or if it has a line through it then it has been cancelled. This is the BEST way to check if there is a cancellation because all of our teachers can do this from home without the help of our administrative staff.

2. Email us – to see if classes are running. We try to check our emails often, but if you don’t get a reply then please…

3. Call us at 519-935-2610 (if there is no answer then we are likely out shovelling snow).

4. Check twitter and/or facebook. We try and put a tweet and facebook message out as soon as we cancel a class. We have a Tone Studio teacher page and a Tone Studio business page. Our tweets are usually sent to and retweeted the local radio stations as well.