On the Other Side of Change

Written by Diane Liska

Greetings Tone community!

As a follow up to Tone’s BIG News, I felt the desire to reach out, communicate my feelings and thoughts, and connect with this beautiful community.

I will start with an introduction.  Some of you will recognize me as a teacher at Tone: I have had the honour of offering my Yoga for Wholeheartedness series several times over the past couple years.  More of you will know me as a student of Tone, attending a multitude of the unique classes that have graced the resplendent space for several years (although admittedly less so since the birth of my beautiful babe, Sawyer).

When I first heard the big news, I witnessed a number of emotions surfacing from within: surprise, curiosity, uncertainty, empathy, anticipation, nostalgia.  My surprise, curiosity, uncertainty and anticipation were all short-lived—a visceral reaction to the news. My empathy was a palpable response to the shared vulnerability of others affected by the news.  The nostalgia was interesting—something that I needed to take some time to explore more.

Merriam-Webster defined nostalgia as “the state of being homesick”.  That was accurate: for me, Tone has been a place of gathering and love over the past several years.  It was within these historic walls and before these awe-inspiring stained glass windows that I fell in love with yoga: my definition of love expanded from the simple, familiar paradigm of familial/romantic into something more omnipresent, and I started to cultivate a practice of love for myself. Reflecting on these experiences, I understood why this big news first felt like I was losing a sense of home.

Tone StudioNow, the psychotherapist in me is a meaning-chaser. I believe that our strongest emotional responses are propelled by triggers to our core beliefs, values, and truths—the tenets through which we derive meaning from and for our lives.  And I know for certain that my relationship with yoga and the Tone community has brought an abundance of meaning to my life.  It follows that the news of any change to something that I have loved so deeply would be met with resistance.

Change is uncomfortable.  And…

I can honestly say that the best things in my life have happened on the other side of leaning into the discomfort of change: adolescence, difficult conversations with family and friends, challenging situations at work, arguments with my spouse, the birth of my son.  There is a beauty in the release that exists on the other side of change if we can learn how to rewrite our default of wanting to control or run awayand instead lean into the discomfort.

I invite you to join me in taking some time to check in with yourself. Learn to sit with your strong emotions; welcome them with your curious and affectionate attention. Hold space for yourself, and finally, lean into discomfort. This is a daily practice, and oh-so-worth the effort.

I am excited to see what evolves on the other side of this change for Tone, and I look forward to sharing a practice with each of you soon.


Diane’s offerings


Diane is a Registered Psychotherapist with a part-time private practice. She blends her deep respect of the therapeutic relationship, 10 years knowledge and experience in psychotherapy, and yoga-informed therapeutic techniques to help individuals cultivate the connection of their mind and body to promote healing and wholeness.  


Diane is excited to announce that she will offer another Yoga for Wholeheartedness series in early 2018.  To join the Wholehearted wait list (spaces are offered in order of wait list), please contact Diane directly

To connect with Diane:  diane.liska@utoronto.ca  (519) 378-6059