Tone Studio, Owen Sound

Tone provides space to rent for classes, workshops, and events in its beautifully renovated,
fully stocked studio, located in the heart of Owen Sound. 

Please note: We have recently undergone a business transition and no longer process registration and payment for teachers. Our digital calendar is updated regularly to show current rental bookings in the space. If looking for yoga, music, or dance classes held at Tone please click on the booking you are interested in for the facilitator’s contact and class information.

Paid Advertising

Posts below represent renters who have opted for paid advertising on the website. Please note this doesn’t reflect all who use the space at Tone. Please view the google calendar for a thorough look at who’s renting when.

Recent Articles

Tone Studio values publishing locally written and relevant articles which support well being.
If you are interested in submitting an article please contact us.

The Practice of Letting Go

I can think of numerous personal occasions when this, “letting go thing just didn’t work.” However, this concept of detachment or surrendering is in all the yogic teachings for a reason so maybe it is worth taking a closer look.

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The Healing Power of Tears

  Our tears are a powerful tool for healing, a gift given to all of us – if only we would accept it. Let’s allow tears to serve us, in the multitude of ways they were meant to do

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On The Other Side Of Change

I invite you to join me in taking some time to check in with yourself. Learn to sit with your strong emotions; welcome them with your curious and affectionate attention.

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Tone’s BIG News

It is partly with sweaty palms and butterflies in my belly that I am writing this. Each time I leave Tone to go home I leave with a full heart. Delivering this message gives me some jitters for sure!

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Living Yoga in Nicaragua

Eye opening, heart centering, laughter stimulating, and physically restoring. How a group of nine from Grey Bruce practiced Living Yoga in Nicaragua.

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