Renting Space With Us

Tone Studio will be available to rent by the hour in January 2018. Below you will find details of our new year rental policies. We are limiting rentals for the remainder of December 2017. 

If you are looking for an affordable, clean, spacious and intimate setting to host your own teachings, bring someone in, or simply rent for a gathering, please read through the information below and send us a message!

Rental Pricing:

  • $25 per 60 minutes
  • One Time Booking:
    Cost for rental is due when finalizing the booking with our Rental Manager.
  • Continuous Bookings:
  • 25% of total rental cost is due when finalizing booking with our Rental Manager.

Booking Requirements:

  • Valid Insurance (event or personal)
  • Filled out Rental Application (below)
  • Deposit of 25% for continuous bookings, or full rental payment for a one time booking, are required to finalize in our rental calendar.


  • A guaranteed clean and well taken care of space
  • Your rental information displayed on our online calendar (to be in effect January, 2018) on the homepage.
  • 30 minute buffer between bookings to ensure you have time to set up and leave.
  • Maximum capacity at 100 persons seated
  • Maximum capacity 25 if using Yoga Mats
  • Filtered water
  • Equipped with over 50 lightweight plastic chairs
  • Fully stocked with yoga and restorative props (bolsters, sandbags, blocks, cushions, straps, eye pillows etc.)
  • Sound system (CD, Ipod, Airplay)
  • Access to a headset
  • Access to a projector
  • Access to a hot plate and tea kettle


  • If your booking requires additional cleaning before or after your rate may increase
  • If your booking requires staffing or admin present your rate may increase
  • If you require more than 30 minutes to set up/take down your rate may increase
  • Access to a kitchen (inquire well in advance, this is not guaranteed.)
  • Advertising on the website will cost extra. Inquire for details.

Please Note that Rentals Do Not Include Advertising.

Tone Studio Rental Application

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