Renting Space With Us

If you are looking for an affordable, clean, spacious and intimate setting to host your own teachings, bring someone in, or simply rent for a gathering, please read through the information below and send us a message!

Rental Pricing:

  • $25 per 60 minutes
  • To Confirm Your Booking:
  • 25% of total rental cost is due when finalizing booking with our Rental Administrator.

Booking Requirements:

  • Valid Insurance (event or personal)
  • Filled out Rental Application (below)
  • Deposit of 25% for continuous bookings, or full rental payment for a one time booking, are required to finalize in our rental calendar.


  • A guaranteed clean and well taken care of space
  • Your rental information displayed on our online calendar (to be in effect January, 2018) on the homepage.
  • 30 minute buffer between bookings to ensure you have time to set up and leave.
  • Maximum capacity at 100 persons seated
  • Maximum capacity 25 if using Yoga Mats
  • Filtered water
  • Equipped with over 50 lightweight plastic chairs
  • Fully stocked with yoga and restorative props (bolsters, sandbags, blocks, cushions, straps, eye pillows etc.)
  • Sound system (CD, Ipod, Airplay)
  • Access to a headset
  • Access to a projector
  • Access to a hot plate and tea kettle


  • If your booking requires additional cleaning before or after your rate may increase
  • If your booking requires staffing or admin present your rate may increase
  • If you require more than 30 minutes to set up/take down your rate may increase
  • Access to a kitchen (inquire well in advance, this is not guaranteed.)
  • Advertising on the website is an extra cost of $30 per posting.

Please Note that Rentals Do Not Include Advertising.

Tone Studio Rental Application

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