Tone has some big news to share.
This Article contains transcript from the video (scroll below to see), with some additional points

Greetings my name is Maxine Iharosy, manager at Tone Studio here in Owen Sound, you may also know me as a regular yoga teacher here. On behalf of Tone Studio I have a BIG message to deliver to our students and community. As of January, 2018, we will have a change in administration- reducing our output so we can spend more time on the mat with you! This will look like Tone no longer running administrative services on behalf of Teachers, and no class passes issued by Tone to use interchangeably. All current teachers have option to keep their classes going, running their own registrations and setting their own pricing.

I am beyond grateful for the mentorship and learning opportunities I have encountered with Tone over the years. Part of this shift for us comes from me stepping away from a Manager role with Tone, and the decision not to train another full on admin team.

This also provides time for the owner of Tone Studio, Kathryn Braul, to settle into her space after retirement in October! So for those who know Kathryn this is so amazing for her! Simplifying how the studio operates will give us all more space to make deeper connections with our community.

All Passes will be honoured. By mid October we will no longer issue 10 class passes but we will be selling our 5 class pass at the rate of a 10 to respect our student base that has held us for so long. Throughout our newsletters and on Facebook from now until January we will be actively sharing our teachers newsletter and website information so you know what they will be up to in the new year!

We will still offer classes in December (schedule to be out in November!)  
Tone will still continue to be a space for creating healing, harmony and wellness in our community of Owen Sound.

Going forward your teachers will be communicating to you about this shift and you can reach out to us at any time with questions and feedback.

We recognize as a base of teachers that there will be reaction. It’s important to voice how you feel at this time, and any concerns you have about the community who frequents the space of Tone.

To reflect, here are some things we will be working on over the next few months:

  • Keeping strong communication about the transition with our teachers and students through email, Facebook, and in person at Tone
  • Responsibility issuing studio passes for drop in classes at Tone, informing those who purchase of when they are at expiry (end of December)
  • Reducing 10 Class Pass sales by Mid October but issuing 5 Class Passes instead at a reduced rate
  • Promoting our teachers communication info- circulating newsletter sign up forms for our teachers, sharing their website and business info so you can keep tabs on your regular classes as we move into the new year
  • Tweaking a way to still have an online schedule that shows you who is in the space when, with option to connect directly with the instructor to inquire about fees and registration

It is partly with sweaty palms and butterflies in my belly that I am writing this. Each time I leave Tone to go home I leave with a full heart. Over the years I have fallen in love with the walls and the people that walk through the doors. Delivering this message gives me some jitters for sure! I am also writing this with excitement; Changes, simplification, renewed perspective- I find to be enlivening. We (myself, admin, and the teachers at Tone) are here for you to talk to. Please don’t forget this.

In the meantime, you can find all of the above on the website, and on Facebook.

We appreciate your support, understanding, and unique voice. Thank you for being with us for as long as you have. It is my sincere hope that you explore what our teachers offer in the new year at Tone and within the community.

With kindness and great respect, 
-Maxine, Studio Manager, on behalf of our Teachers and Staff at Tone Studio, Owen Sound