Cost $15

Welcome to a yoga class that embraces the fact that not all students can begin with the traditional yoga postures.  In this class you will connect with very simple movements that facilitate flexibility through relaxation.

This is a great class for beginner students as well as the more advanced student.  Each pose in this class will condition the body to move and stretch with ease in other postures.

This workshop led by Stephanie Mills is inspired by the teachings of Don Stapleton of the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.

Don’s philosophy is that every individual is a work in progress.

Self-Awakening Yoga is a self-educational and self-therapeutic yoga modality that is based on the use of moderate effort, rather than going to one’s maximum edge. Cultivating one’s capacity for relaxed awareness allows for a deep release into the natural flexibility, mobility and balance in your body –without producing strain or fatigue.

~ Don Stapleton

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, 1-2 blankets and a firm pillow.  Dress in layers as the body will cool down in this class.

Registration is required.
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