with Ann Becks

Bi Weekly Thursdays
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7:15 – 8:30 pm, 2017

Some parts of ourselves we cannot see. An overactive or under active Nervous System has rippling effects for our thought patterns, mental health, digestion, immunity and overall well being. Tune into your nervous system and calm the consciousness with Yoga Nidra, led by the skilled Ann Becks.

Through Yoga Nidra Classes with Ann Becks you will: 

  • Explore the communication between the mind and body through gentle movements encoded within the body from birth.
  • Experience deep relaxation, touching into the unchanging Self.
  • Develop skill of meeting, greeting and welcoming all that shows up in life, taking the experience into daily life to reduce suffering.



This deeply nourishing class begins with 15 min of self awakening yoga (gentle movement inquiries that access the flow of prana or life force energy) then settling in for 35 min of Yoga Nidra, a deeply restful state that connects us to the unchanging Self.No experience is needed, this practice is suitable for all. Suggest comfortable clothing that allows some movement. Due to the deep relaxation and subsequent drop in body temperature, suggest bringing warm socks and long sleeved shirt/sweater. If you use and have your own eye pillow, you may wish to bring it. The studio also has eye pillows for those who wish to use.

6 Blissful Classes:

April 6
April 20

May 4
May 18

June 1
June 15


Yoga Nidra: Exploring the Inner Landscape

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 Becks is a registered Nurse and a passionate Yoga and Nidra instructor.