by Julie Lelièvre, CYT

Julie Lelièvre, CYTOn October the 9th 2014, I became a Permanent Resident of Canada. More than a status and a card, it’s been a journey of self-inquiry.

About four years ago, as I was enjoying my last month in Canada before going back to France, my home, I was in Wiarton, Ontario to help in an organic and local cafe to improve my English.

At first sight, I fell in love with the land, the abundance of nature, the Peninsula. I discovered it under the snow and also looked at pictures that have been taken in the summer.

Then I fell in love with an amazing man.

Not back in France yet, I said to my parents that I was planning on going back to Ontario to live on the Peninsula.

It’s how a different life for me started; it’s how I gradually met a different me. I had a deep desire to change or at least to evolve. I wanted to get in touch with my art, my heart, my body through the movement of dance and yoga. I wanted a simple life, I was willing to discover and wonder.

I decided not to come back home to France, I decided to take on the path that life was offering me.

Being out of my comfort zone: country, language, family, friends, lifestyle, culture, food, etc. was a challenge. Adapting myself on many levels, embracing a new relationship and acknowledging who I was, where I was in my life.

I was on my way to learn about self-esteem and how to find home within. It wasn’t always so clear but I knew it would be transforming. I cleansed, I cried, I screamed, I laughed, I smiled, I hugged; I felt alive and vulnerable.

Writing, dancing, practicing yoga, hiking, contemplating, helped me in my self-reflection journey. My partner for who he is, reflected myself as a mirror, with no judgment but love and compassion. All along my tumultuous path to my true self, people around me reflected facets of who I was.

It was tough sometimes, I learned so much, and now it feels so good. I learned how to enjoy the roller coasters of emotions, feelings, doubts, certainties, etc.

As Buddha says “the only constant is the change”.

The immigration process and my settlement in a new country shook my root Chakra.

Where were my roots? What were they? As I was melting into this new life, creating new roots I was also wondering who I was before, what was my culture, etc. ad how to blend, to mix more than to replace and loose.

Julie_yoga teacher at Tone Studio, Owen SoundSlowly but surely my quest for balance became clearer.

As life unfolded, I felt more confident, more grounded. I supported my metamorphosis with Reiki, Yoga, Nia and Energy Medicine, to find my way home. This place within myself that has no borders, no government, no flag. This place I carry everywhere, I can go anytime, free and precious, it is within me.

My home is a deep sense of self, unified, grounded and balanced. It is plenty of love and compassion for myself. From this place I find happiness and generosity, from this place I find my light into the world to share my best with others.

No card is required, no fees have to be paid, only the will and determination to be guided through life by the curiosity of self-discovery. I am so grateful for all the challenges, all the support and all the love I found in this Canadian adventure.

And you know what? It’s only the first chapter of my journey and it makes me so happy!