Many people come to meditation because they want to learn how to quiet their mind or relax the body.  This can be done by labeling with one word what is arising internally for you, moment by moment.  By labeling the chatter as “talk”, pictures or movies as “images” and sensations in the body of an emotional nature as “feel”, you are no longer participating in the activity but observing the changing nature of the mind and body.  The mind and body will eventually settle.  In being still, if you allow everything to be as it is without reacting to it, regardless if it is pleasant or unpleasant, it will subside.   You will eventually come into a state of relaxation and peace.  The key to all of this is to react less and surrender more.

When you practice each day for 10 minutes or more you will begin to see the benefits within your life.  Others might point out to you that you seem happier and more relaxed.    The benefits of meditation are unique to each individual, but some of the natural effects are, you are calmer, you react less and your focus and concentration is increased.  You handle situations different coming from a place of understanding and clarity.  You begin to move through life easier, living more in the moment and appreciating whatever life has to offer.

If you don’t have a technique simply observing the breath is of great benefit.  Just breathing in and out easily and naturally when you feel stressed, emotionally or you simply need to slow down.  It does wonders to your life.

With many Blessings,

Frances Brown