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Thank you Maxine Iharosy for the wonderful workshop at Tone Studio this afternoon. I am so pleased that I am following through with my priority to start practising yoga again on a regular basis. Great teacher in a beautiful Yoga Studio.

Patti Waterfield

yoga student, Artist - Patti Waterfield

Thank you Tone Yoga!  I attend classes at three studios, but my Tone Yoga classes are, by far, my favourite.  I love the harmonious energy of the space and the intimacy in the practice at Tone.  The teachers are all kind, attentive and inspiring.  I feel that I have been welcomed into a community of yoga that is nurturing me and helping my practice to expand and deepen.  I am very grateful for this connection—it feels like home to me!  One comment:  I miss the Monday morning class on the new schedule—I have enjoyed that start to the work week on many occasions.  I look forward to the path ahead.


yoga student

“I have been a student at Tone Yoga since the day their doors open. It has been a wonderful journey to choose from a variety of classes and teachers. Each teacher brings their heart and soul to the practice, thereby encouraging me to do the same. It is a very welcoming environment where you become part of a community. There is a class and style for everyone at Tone. It is simply a matter of being open to the possibility of becoming a yogi.”


yoga student

“What I especially appreciate is that my Yoga Teachers see each individual participant.
Their care for each person is based on individual need. They walk by and see who might want a pillow or blanket. They ask often enough if the pose you are in feels good to you and their continuous advice is not to practice poses that do not feel right. They then offers alternative poses.
To me, the individual approach is very important.
Further, I love the location. The warmness of the wooden floor, the dimmed lights, the soft smell and music, the calmness of the teacher’s voice.
After the evening Yoga class it feels to me like I have taken a long warm and soothing bath. I feel well rested then, having let go of the day’s influences.
With thanks to my caring Yoga Teachers,”

yoga student

“Tone Yoga studio is a sacred space to embrace your body, breath and spirit.”

Bonnie Gardiner

student and yoga teacher , A Brush With Words

“I love Tone! I only wish I personally had more time to attend all the amazing classes! Shannon is a blessing of a teacher- and leader amongst the individuals I have attended classes with. Her calm demeanor and personal/ professional approach to the class is the reason I continue to sneak away from the family and into her classes!!”


yoga student

“I found the prenatal yoga helped with keeping me working longer. I had increased flexibility longer, decreased low back discomfort and I found it also helped to control my blood pressure to some extent.

I really found the prenatal yoga classes helpful to lower my stress and help me relax at the end of a long workday. I also enjoyed the section where the instructor did some low back massage, that was quite helpful also.  Positions for labor were useful too.”


prenatal yoga student

“Last Saturday I attended Moderate Yoga with Stephanie.  It was a wonderful class –  the pace was relaxed , lots of time to “get into” the pose , lots of challenge if we wished it. I enjoyed her diverse background offerings and her joyous humble spirit was consistent with what I would expect from YOGA.  Well done as I understand she is a newbie :o I hope to attend many more of her classes.”


yoga student

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