Private Classes

A few of our Tone teachers are available for private yoga sessions. Private sessions can be held with 1-12 students in our space.

private yoga class at Tone StudioPrivate Yoga Sessions are helpful if:

  • you are new to yoga
  • you are wanting to set up a home practice
  • our class schedule doesn’t fit yours
  • you have injuries or physical challenges to deal with
  • you are feeling shy/nervous about going to yoga class
  • you are wanting to deepen your practice
  • you have a group of people that would like a class together
  • you want a class that is tailored to meet your needs



$80 per hour

$62.50 per hour (when you book 4+ private sessions)

Please contact us by email ( or by phone (519-935-2610) to set up a private session that will suit your needs.