What brought me to teach Prenatal and Baby and Me Yoga

By Shannon E. Crow

When my first child was born I remember feeling so tired, isolated, unorganized and frazzled.

It was August 1998 when Wyatt was born. It was a heat wave and I just couldn’t wait until I had this baby. I remember day dreaming about how we would go to the park and play and colour together and make crafts and do all kinds of things…

Reality hit me hard as a new mother. I was one of the first of my friends to have a baby. I did my research and read all of the books, but nothing could really prepared me for the sleepless nights, advice from every person about me and my baby, loads of laundry and the guilt of not having the baby book up to date.

My life shifted and it took me until winter to settle into some sort of a routine where I could feel normal enough to drive to a baby group in Wiarton.

Finally I met with other parents who were talking about things that were my everyday – diapers, breastfeeding, bottles, sleep, life with a baby, teeth…the list goes on.

With the birth of Colton, my second child, I was ready. I had done prenatal yoga every day from a video and the birth was much better. Wyatt was four and a half and going to school every other day.  It only took me a couple of months of adjustment this time. (I have to smile now when I remember still feeling so unorganized and frazzled).

I signed up for a yoga class when Colton was still in a car seat. I was allowed to bring the baby and the teacher, (bless Susi), would rock him and entertain while she taught the class.  I could breath and move and stretch and everyone was okay with my baby in the room. Colton was so relaxed as a baby.

Two years later dear Sage was born…3 months early and only 2lb. 11oz. Nothing could have prepared me for the shift that life would take. Three children was okay. I was in the momma mode.  A lot of hospital time and many other challenges were mixed in with this miracle baby though.

When Sage was a year old I began my 200-hour yoga teacher training. It seemed crazy at the time with how busy life was for me, but it really helped me to deal with the every day nurturing that was my full time job.

I took a prenatal training in 2008 and then had numerous request for Baby and Me which I began to teach in 2010 in my own way, using sign language, yoga, songs, massage and connection time for babies and their caregivers.

I love how this story has unfolded. Looking back I know that it is every struggle and every tough feeling as a mother that has helped me to be a better teacher in prenatal and baby and me yoga and a better parent and friend.

As a mother of babies – I have had those tough days. I still have them as a mother of older children. As a yoga teacher I hope to be able to share what has helped me so that mothers can get the support and nurturing that they need in order to give to the children in their lives.

I am blessed to be doing what I do and I thank everyone who has been a part of that, especially my children.