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Weekly Classes

I would like to teach a weekly class at Tone Studio. How do I proceed?

Please provide us with some basic information of what you would like to teach at Tone Studio by filling out our weekly teacher form.

(Click here for a printable version of this document)

Call or email us to set up a time to ask any questions or to find out more about becoming a weekly teacher.

Our calendar is set up a month in advance and runs like this:

  • January, February, March (confirmation of classes by November 15)
  • April, May, June (confirmation of classes by February 15)
  • July, August (confirmation of classes by May 15)
  • September, October, November (confirmation of classes by July 15)
  • December (confirmation of classes by October 15)

Our teacher payment policy is:

$6 per student paid to our  weekly teachers – this applies when Tone gives away free classes, to discounts and to monthly unlimited passes. Tone collects and pays the HST.

Our weekly teachers are able to attend all classes for free. If there is space they can ask to attend the registered sessions and for events they get a 30% discount.

Substitute Teacher List

I would like to be on the substitute teacher list for Tone Studio. What do I do?

Please email us with your name, what you teach and any contact numbers along with your email address.

To be able to teach a class at Tone Studio we require a copy of your certification and insurance. It is also helpful if you attend some classes at Tone Studio so that you can get to know what the classes, teachers and students are like.

Teachers are more likely to call you if you are familiar with their class.

Registered Classes/Series and Workshops

I would like to teach a workshop or registered series/class at Tone Studio. Where do I begin?

If there are any issues with the form click here or email us directly at

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